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Supplementary ranges for higher sales

30. Juni 2019 Autor: TOP FAIR Redaktion
Kategorie: Gifts & Decoration, Jewellery & Watches, Paper & Packaging, Textiles

“The Store” and “Flow” are two interesting concepts in Hall 8.0. The Store is an exciting mix of small and exclusive exhibitors from the indulgence, fashion, jewellery and stationery sectors. Flow presents young distilleries and creative winemakers offering ­products that will tickle the palate. This is where you’ll find suppliers of fine spirits alongside brewers who offer something ­different. An ideal source of inspiration for supplementary ranges. The two exhibitions have been organised by Christoph Puff.

In addition to its “Small World in a Box”, Cokoe presents a new Advent wreath in a box with nine different motifs for anyone who finds the classic Advent wreath too traditional. The box plus lid measures about 7 x 7 cm when folded and about 20 x 20 cm when opened out.
Cokoe [8.0 B81]




Kesselherz, a Stuttgart-based start-up, offers a wide range of products including alcoholic and coffee specialities. Its dark Black Sheep coffee is gently roasted to retain high levels of caffeine to wake you up in the morning.
Kesselherz [8.0 B81]




The charm of this upcycled bag comes from its delicate shades and bright tones. The laminate film is washable and impervious, making the bag suitable for any weather. A bag for ordinary everyday use – for women who appreciate the extraordinary. The bags are hand made by a Mexican charity with which the company has collaborated closely for many years.
Luna Viva [8.0 B81]





Daily Bread is dedicated to the basics – classic, high-quality t-shirts, boxer shorts and socks at reasonable prices. Also available on subscription.
Daily Bread [8.0 B81]




The collection from the Berlin label Talisman Schmuck features jewellery lovingly made by hand by Anna Tasja Tiedtke.
Talisman Schmuck [8.0 B81]







Tradition meets innovation
The roots of traditional spirits manufacturer Krugmann stretch back to 1867, with tradition and zeitgeist playing a part in the development of new spirits. The result is a wide range of over 200 spirits which stand out not only for their special taste but also for their unique bottle designs. Keeping proven traditions and taking innovative paths in product development are essential to Krugmann. This is also underlined by the new products from the premium series comprising three fine cask-aged Korn specialties and an exceptional gin which reflects 150 years of expertise. Gin 150 is therefore a tribute to Krugmann’s long tradition and craftsmanship. A balanced formula of over 20 botanicals such as juniper berries, spruce resin, elderflowers, rosehip and many more, most of which come from the Sauerland region, give Gin 150 its flavour.
Krugmann [8.0 B86]

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