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Retail BLVD


The future of retailing

What do your customers want when it’s time to buy something? What options are there for combining online and offline sales? What services can retailers use to attract customers? Retail BLVD demonstrates how selling can be made more interesting, convenient and service-oriented in the future.

The Retail BLVD is a shopping street that offer recommendations for emotional and inspiring point-of-sale presentations and shows how different customer needs can best be served. The focus is on the three different kinds of shopper identified in the 2019 IFH study commissioned by Messe Frankfurt (“Structural change in the retail sector: from the consumer’s perspective”): Experience-oriented, convenience-oriented and service-oriented shoppers.

In addition to the stores, which are at the heart of the Retail BLVD, there is the central Market Square where you are invited to network and exchange experience and knowledge.In the Social Media Playground House, the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube channels will be presented in short ten-minute presentations. You will learn which channels you should use for your target group and what this can look like in practice. There is an experimental area where you can try things out.

Visitors to the Experience House will be made aware that customers will expect a special shopping experience in future and would like to be inspired and amazed. Visitors will be given ­practical tips here.

In the Convenience House, purchase transactions need to be quick, simple, and convenient – this is the inspirational factor for the convenience type of consumer. How can I offer more convenience combined with digital services? How do I make purchasing easier for my customers? Visitors will see digital solutions that they can try out themselves.

In each store, experts from IFH Cologne invite you to interact – with short presentations, explanations, and live demonstrations, for example about seasonal window dressings that can be quickly implemented and modified. In addition, there will be guided tours through the Retail BLVD three times daily. Comments can be written on a board and will be addressed in the short presentations. Active exchanges, questions and feedback will be expressly encouraged. There will also be short presentations twice a day on the different types of shopper that the IFH study has ­identified.

Eva Olbrich, Head of Christmasworld sees the concept of Retail BLVD 2020 as a further development and in particular an additional offering for visitors from the retail sector: “Last year we staged an attractive product combination of seasonal and floral decorations at the point of sale for five different kinds of retail store. We’re now developing the Retail BLVD in terms of the different phases within the customer journey. In 2020, we’re bringing customer interest into focus as a first step and gearing ourselves to the needs of experience-, convenience- and service-oriented types of shopper. Working with our partners IFH Cologne, we are concerned with solutions for the retail trade which can be simply and quickly implemented.”

Boris Hedde, Director of IFH ­Cologne, headed the study on ‘Structural change in the retail sector: from the consumer’s perspective’.

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