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Living for pleasure


To get home at long last and recharge our batteries in comfort, whether alone or in company, is more precious to us now than ever before. And it can be done in a style- and trend-conscious way

Broste Copenhagen‘s autumn/winter collection THE HUMAN CONNECTION is a tribute to the home as a refuge from which we can draw strength, where we can be present in the moment with our loved ones, revive our energy and reflect upon the events of the day. A place adorned with personal and handpicked items calculated to make us feel comfortable. The new collection allows you to be playful and combine materials, shapes and colours, assuring your favourite heirlooms and old classics their place, while freshening up the look with items in the season’s trend colours. The HUMAN CONNECTION focusses on organic shapes, calm natural tones and soft textiles that lend an authentic and personal atmosphere to your home.

 With its Umanoff Collection, MENU shows how design classics can give an unmistakable identity to living spaces. The American designer Arthur Umanoff was one of the pioneers in the 1950s of the global design movement that eschewed the ornamental in favour of a more streamlined look, Umanoff’s well-designed objects are characterized by a timeless, warm look and subtle functionality. His Pendant proves that simple and elegant design never goes out of style.  Reconciling beauty with functionality, it shines a light on the contrasts that appear when geometric components meet. Shaped from perfectly symmetrical walnut and polished brass parts, it emits downward light to illuminate surfaces – a cosy reading nook, a dining table or a kitchen counter – with a soft, cosy glow.

Living accessories and furniture from Lambert are characterized by their unusual materials, high quality craftsmanship and clear functionality. These are exclusive products that combine charm with unmistakable style and personality as well as conveying a sense of warmth and cosiness. This is true, for example, of the new couch/table Rodan, which is an object to be enjoyed and a statement at the same time. Rodan is both a table and a work of sculpture. Like a puzzle, you can assemble its three constituent pieces to form a single highly distinctive item of furniture or leave them as three separate side tables. The surfaces are galvanized, with a patina then applied by hand.

Blomus has embraced the theme of living in harmony with nature and is saluting the changing seasons with its new collection of vases made in some cases from clear, and in others from coloured, glass. The vases are designed to take account of the differing demands of each season in terms of the flowers and ferns that typify them, from the budding flowers of spring to the colourful blooms of summer, the dahlias of autumn and the bare branches of the winter months. The collection is called LETA and comes in two models – one narrow and elongated, the other rounded. They are available in three sizes not only in clear glass but also in two different hues: Smoke and Coffee.