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Decoration unlimited – Dark Ocean


This new display demonstrates how festive decoration can help create maximum wow effects at the point of sale. The creativity consultants from the Netherlands have put together a unique world of experiences from an unexpected mix of themes and products.

Stormy seascapes are set against a cosy beach-club atmosphere. “Decoration unlimited – Dark Ocean” plunges the visitor into a fascinating world full of the raw and rugged elements of the ocean, surrounded by a range of impressive Christmas decorations.

It is the unusual mix of cosy indoor and cooler outdoor decorations combined with the fresh, natural materials that is responsible for the eye-catching impact of this special display. The colour ­palette consists of shades of dark blue in a mix of natural greys and browns, together with copper accents. Here you can see the 2020 trend colour Classic Blue in all its shades. Against an ­ominous and threatening backdrop the result is an elegant ambience – a warm refuge from the wind and rain.

Inspired by the Scottish landscape around James Bond’s Skyfall Castle, use is made of sea-creature motifs, such as jellyfish, ­sun-bleached surfaces, driftwood and a great deal of fresh greenery such as seaweed, blue orchids, blueberries and white flowers.

The special display is intended to encourage the retail trade to risk something new – either in display windows and shop designs or in decorations for outside areas and public spaces. And the run-up to Christmas is a time when consumers are particularly receptive to experiential scenarios that create impressions, ­provide inspiration and encourage purchases.

In guided tours, held daily at 11 am and 4 pm, 2dezign will ­reveal how the impressions they create can be transferred to ­retailers’ own shops.

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