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The Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper inspiration area focuses on the fascination for paper.

The more we deal with digital media the rarer paper becomes in our world. But that’s what makes “analogue” material something special. “Paper is turned into sensual and emotional matter which, the more digital and anonymous the world appears to be, we long for. In a place where people are surrounded by electronics around the clock, the greatest possible freedom is to just shut down all devices – and read a book, for example. Whatever we experience, read or express on paper gives us one dimension more and leaves a deeper impact than digital content,” says Angelika Niestrath, curator of Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper. Paper is just as important for bookstores as it is for stationery stores – on the one hand as complementary products, on the other hand as material on which and from which stories are told. Used with imagination, it creates unique shopping experiences that stationery retailers can use to stand out from “digital competition”. At Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper, around 20 stations show, based on different topics, how the interplay of fine paper and paper products with bookshop ranges tells new stories, creates poetic experiences and inspires ever new POS displays – with greeting cards and postcards, letters, notebooks and sketchbooks, gift wrap, notes and lists, boxes, stamps and prints from the ranges of the exhibitors. There is a guide to take away that leads to the exhibitors used for the displays.

Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper
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Current issue: Paperworld 2020

The official trade fair magazine with the newest products and information on the trade fair. Other issues are released for the exhibitions Christmasworld, Paperworld, Nordstil, Ambiente and Tendence.