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Talents 2019


Even the greatest talents started small. The Talents programme provides a stage for artists in the fields of arts and crafts, design and jewellery.


The selected talents will be presenting their one-off articles and serial products directly next to the FORM 2019 ­exhibition which showcases award-winning contemporary products that resolve the conflict between handicraft and ­design. This year, a total of 25 national and international talents are exhibiting in the Modern Craft & Jewellery area, telling stories with their products, recalling forgotten times, and expressing attitudes and
When an oak falls in one of the peat bogs of north Germany and remains undisturbed for many hundreds of years it takes on a deep black colour. The articles from Talents exhibitor Jan Christian Schulz have that same deep black character. The product designer has developed a natural finishing method which speeds up the natural process that creates bog oak and which can be applied to other materials such as leather and natural fibres. The process is highly original and a sustainable alternative to chemical
The jewellery created by Sharareh Aghaei builds a bridge between cultural identity and craftwork. Her trademark pieces are jewellery items comprising metal mesh coated with several layers of cement and powdered rock to form a hollow body.
The humidifiers and the conical smoke stacks from designers Andreas Uhlig and Daniel Böttcher are reminiscent of an industrial past. The 13 to 30 centimetre high products are made of concrete and hark back to a time when the urban landscape was dominated by chimney stacks, cooling towers and factories belching out their fumes.

Talents [8.0 E02, E10, F11]

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