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Millions of men can’t be wrong: Grilling is without a doubt a matter of the right equipment. And that does not only include charcoal, grill and tongs, but also sturdy porcelain dishes for outdoor use. What that means, KAHLA shows with its newly launched BBQ collection: platters, bowls and jugs are equipped with versatile lids, which keep insects away from meat, salads and marinades. In addition, the porcelain lids protect against sunlight, heat, flying leaves, stirred-up sand and dust, making sure that marinated ingredients and side dishes stay fresh and appetizing. Guaranteed. And, of course, the porcelain can also be stacked, to for example move salads, meat and fish in order to make more space. Super practical: once it is time to barbecue and eat, the lid instantly transforms into a serving plate or a dip dish for the garlic oil served with roasted bread fresh from the grill. After all, even when grilling, “man” does not like to live from the hand to the mouth.

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Text: KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan
Photo: KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan

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