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From love of paper


For over 20 years, Belgian designer Marie Michielssen has been an in-house designer at Serax. Functionality forms the deliberate focus of her designs, but since she only uses materials possessed of ‘soul’, the aesthetic dimension is always a formative influence. One such material – albeit a somewhat unusual choice for objects – is paper. The Earth collection has now been expanded to include flowerpots, vases and a papier-mâché lamp. Michielssen never puts anything on paper in advance, eschewing all technical drawings and even 3D computer models. Throughout the design phase, she prefers to let the material speak for itself. Papier-mâché has the great advantage of lending itself easily to this free, organic design methodology. Furthermore, it is a material that delivers particularly tactile results – an absolute imperative when it comes to the Earth collection. The interiors of the vases are covered with a layer of fibre rendering them waterproof.



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