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DUETTE® honeycomb blinds Effective window decor.


Original DUETTE® honeycomb blinds are being presented in lots of new colours and designs at Heimtextil this year. They look incredibly chic in trendy Aubergine and Fraise, simple and modern in Creme, Grey and Anthracite, and decidedly summery in fresh blue and sunny green shades – DUETTE® honeycomb blinds are high-quality additions for customising your room decor.


DUETTE® offers not only impressive functionality and energy efficiency but also privacy and protection from light and UV. The combination of transparent or opaque fabric with darkening properties means that the amount of light coming into the room can be individually regulated. Thanks to the internal workings there are no annoying spots of light, so the room can be effectively darkened even on the brightest day. The Original DUETTE® honeycomb structure offers excellent energy efficiency, reducing heat absorption at the window by up to 78%* in summer. In winter, the DUETTE® climate zone insulates against the cold, saving as much as 51%* on heating costs.

News DUETTE® POS package
Eye-catching posters skillfully strike up a connection to the advertising motifs in the consumer campaign. They appear in the highest-circulation titles of leading lifestyle, construction and home magazines with a reach of almost 50 million consumer contacts, gaining a lot of attention and generating demand. A special highlight in the POS package is the small DUETTE® house where the many benefits of DUETTE® honeycomb blinds can be experienced. From premium quality and beautiful lighting moods in the living room to privacy in the bathroom, darkened bedrooms and a splash of colour in children’s rooms – customers can learn about the variety of applications and advantages of DUETTE® honeycomb blinds in real-life settings.
To round things off, the glossy brochure provides inspiration with attractive and appealing interior photos. DUETTE® honeycomb blinds turn rooms into favourites because the customer is experiencing DUETTE® at its most beautiful – and with the added benefit of energy efficiency.

You can view the latest Original DUETTE® honeycomb blinds at the following booths:
Germania [8.0 C32]
JAB [8.0 B32]
MHZ [8.0 A32]
Sunvision/Gerster [8.0 E78]


New DUETTE® energy savings calculator

The new DUETTE® energy savings calculator provides clear facts. It will calculate individual savings on heating costs for a room, an entire house or any residential unit based on selected DUETTE® fabric qualities. The DUETTE® energy label is helpful here, indicating how the fabric saves heating energy, blocks sunlight and dampens room noise. The percentage savings in heating energy are shown, and now also the potential savings in euros and savings in CO2 emissions.


The results of the individual calculations when using DUETTE® honeycomb blinds are shown in a clear overview.









Innovative marketing concepts for sales success. The DUETTE® advertising campaign, cross-­media links to online activities, the website, PR activities and POS packages generate demand and entice customers to DUETTE® retailers. The POS package creates a link to the brand campaign and provides a useful sales aid in consultations with customers.






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