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Clearing the stage for the HoReCa Academy


This coming year the world’s leading trade fair Ambiente will be putting the spotlight on HoReCa in the dedicated Hall 6.0 as well as at its new HoReCa Academy. The first speakers are already booked for this highly varied and international programme of presentations focusing mainly on front-of-house operations.

Which developments are currently causing a stir in the hospitality sector? What are the latest trends in the front-of-house business? And how does the choice of tableware impact a person’s experience of a meal? These are just some of the questions that will be asked at the first edition of the HoReCa Academy at Ambiente 2020. Furthermore, with an additional and dedicated HoReCa range in Hall 6.0, Ambiente is expanding not only its Dining spectrum, but also its general complementary programme. Right among the companies exhibiting here will be several well-known industry experts from all over the world. They will be sharing valuable expertise from Friday to Tuesday, and – all within one place – they will also bring together decision-makers who need to buy material for major projects.

One of these experts is Pierre Nierhaus, a hospitality expert who is renowned for his international trend expeditions. He will be talking about the latest developments in food and beverages as well as tabletop products, and he will also present specially selected products and exhibitors on his guided tours around Ambiente 2020. Each tour will give visitors a unique opportunity to experience a combination of two areas: HoReCa and Living.

“I see hospitality as the premium class of any successful interaction with people. Covering a wide range of topics such as innovative hospitality models, growth opportunities and the latest trends, the new HoReCa Academy will provide visitors with information about the most recent developments and will also deliver insights into all aspects of international hospitality”, says Nierhaus. “I am already looking forward to being one of the speakers next February, sharing what I know and exchanging ideas with industry professionals.”

Other speakers who have so far agreed to speak at the HoReCa Academy are Maham Anjum and Valda Goodfellow from the UK. Anjum is a renowned ceramics designer with her own studio in London. One of her focal areas is the creation of tableware for those special occasions of high-end catering, though she also makes china for everyday use. Her output has received several awards, and she is well known for working with star chefs Jamie Oliver and Vineet Bhatia and also with various international companies, such as Steelite and Rosenthal. Valda Goodfellow and her husband run G&G Goodfellows, a company that compiles original and highly functional tableware collections for a variety of customers in the hospitality sector. In her talk G&G Goodfellow will therefore put the focus on tableware trends and how to plan tableware for this sector. Maham Anjum, on the other hand, will share with the audience how she has been working with chefs on the development of tableware that harmonises perfectly with the food at their restaurants and which also reflects their history.

Other speakers at the HoReCa Academy and details of the programme will be announced over the next few months.

An exchange and networking hub
Next year’s HoReCa Academy will be doing more than convey knowledge. Between the various talks there will also be plenty of space for conversations – both with the speakers and with the industry professionals in the audience. The fourth HoReCa Get-Together will be held within the same space as the HoReCa Academy. On the evening of the first day this event with its relaxed atmosphere will be an ideal opportunity to network and exchange ideas with international manufacturers, planners, investors and consultants. Further events on HoReCa and front-of-house business are also being planned for the other evenings in Hall 6.0.

>> Ambiente 2020 will be held from 7 to 11 February 2020.

Text: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Anne-Kathrin Salajka
Photo: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

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