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A century of bright accents by Hellum


In the fast moving consumer goods sector, it is definitely remarkable when a company manages to be successful for a 100 years in the same branch of industry. In 2019, Hellum celebrates its hundredth birthday. Join us on a trip through the past

On January 2, 1919 the “Metallwarenfabrikation Hans Jahn” is registered at the local court of Coburg (Germany). The company’s purpose: “the development and production of matrices and welding machines for the production of current-carrying wires for the light bulb industry”. In the 1930s, the light bulb sockets and electrodes are manufactured on fully automated machines. The products are sold worldwide.

As of 1940, materials and staff become scarce, and the production is reduced to a minimum.1950 marks a new beginning. The decade starts with participation at the Hannover Fair. The production facilities are soon modernised and grow rapidly. In the middle of the 1960s, Hellum has 200 employees and owns an industrial site where press- and injection-moulded parts for Christmas light chains are manufactured.

In the 1970s, the focus is more and more on decorative lighting. In 1974, Hanna Jahn takes over as managing director – one of few women in Germany leading an industrial company at the time. In den 1980s, Hellum builds a new facility with fully automated machines to satisfy the increasing demand from all over Europe. In 1994, Hellum celebrates its 75th anniversary. Hanna Jahn is awarded the Ludwig-Erhardt-Medal for her merits to develop the economy of Coburg in 1997.

In the new millennium, Hellum expands its import business and establishes long-term partnerships with selected manufacturers in the Far East.

In 2018 Joachim Rüther, with Hellum since 2009, takes over as Managing Director of the newly founded Hellum Handels- und Produktions- GmbH & Co. KG.

Hellum Christmasworld 2019 [9.0 B90]



Mr Rüther, since 2018 you are heading Hellum. How did this come about?

When former owner Dieter Skiba-Jahn withdrew from the business, I immediately decided to continue with a new company.

You’ve changed the organisational structure. Why?

The customers’ demands and their purchasing behavior have changed in the past years. At the same time, innovation cycles are getting shorter while new players enter the market. To recognise trends and to adapt to them quickly is vital for being successful in this business. We have constantly been revising our product portfolio in the last years. Now it was time to tackle the organizational structure and to expand our sales team.

What are your plans for 2019?

The transformation is almost complete, now we must prove that we are well positioned to tackle the future. Another important goal is the successful launch of our new brand “Living Choice”. I am convinced that not only former Hellum customers will love the high-quality lighting accessories but that we’ll also be able to tap into new markets.

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