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Want full control of your shower system?

9. März 2017 Autor: TOP FAIR Redaktion
Kategorie: Haus & Wohnen

Smart showers are up and coming. Although most smart showers provide you with the constant temperature and water supply of your choice, installing them requires major adjustment to your bathroom. Meet Instant Aqua’s SmartShower Art, a plug and play smart shower that you operate with the tap of a finger.

Easily fitted
This shower’s standalone technology is the most revolutionary in 30 years. It is so small that it is easily fitted without damaging walls or ceilings. You simply replace the existing mixer shower with the SmartShower Art system and install the specially designed app on your smartphone or tablet. All that is visible is a small mixer shower system and a chrome mirror-like touch display like your smartphone’s for managing data.

Personalize your shower experience
SmartShower Art is all revealing and unconcealed, and with its modern, sleek looks, it will turn your shower system into a modern work of art on the bathroom wall. Are you ready to personalize your shower experience? Well, preset your preferences – temperature, water flow, shower duration – on the display or on your smartphone and enjoy your shower. That’s all there is to it.

Manage data
Via WiFi, the smart shower enables you to manage, monitor and control data on water use, outlet temperature and shower temperature. This makes it ideal for use in healthcare organizations, where caregivers are able to monitor patients in the shower at a distance, and in hospitality organizations that wish to send hotel information or marketing messages to their guests in the shower.

InstantAqua ISH 2017 ▶ 4.2 K70

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