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Outstanding performance with the new Flair 325 ventilation solutions

16. März 2017 Autor: TOP FAIR Redaktion
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Brink sets a new standard for heat recovery ventilation solutions.
Brink Climate Systems, well known for its innovative ventilation ­solutions, introduces the newly developed Flair 325 on the ISH.

More comfort and health
Brink’s new solutions for ventilation, humidifying, cleaning, heating and cooling bring more comfort and healthier air into people’s homes. The Flair 325 is one of these solutions. The very silent operation of the high efficiency heat recovery unit makes sure that you always can be provided with the right amount of fresh air, in every situation, without any disturbance.

New standard
The Flair 325 is the first one of the Flair series with a capacity of 325m3/h. This appliance is the future when it comes to performance and connectivity and sets a new standard for heat recovery ventilation.

Outstanding performance
All parts of the HRV unit have been completely new developed and its combination ensures an outstanding performance. The result of the overall improved aerodynamic design: the new unit is more efficient, quieter and consumes considerably less energy than other products. According to calculations, the energy consumption is more than 10 percent lower than the best performing units so far. The newly designed fan is really special and with the integrated control system it ensures a constant flow of fresh ventilation air.

The appliance can be connected to the outside world in various ways. The Flair 325 is standard equipped with Modbus and Internet. That allows a simple link with building management systems and offers comprehensive possibilities for Internet of Things. Wireless RF communication with sensors and controls makes manual and demand controlled operation possible.

Brink Climate Systems ISH 2017 ▶ 11.1 C29

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