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Brink introduces the Air 70

14. März 2015 Autor: TOP FAIR Redaktion
Kategorie: Haus & Wohnen

A silent and compact decentralised ventilation appliance.


(Dieser Beitrag ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar) Brink has developed the Air 70, a newly designed, decentralised appliance for heat recovery ventilation. Silent, highly efficient and discretely incorporated in the outer wall.



The Air 70 caters for all the ventilation requirements of a single room in one system. Its patented technology makes it a highly energy-efficient appliance. The fresh air supply is fed through the built-in heat exchanger where it is preheated by the ‘stale’ and warm air that is extracted from the room. That results in generous ventilation with hardly any heat losses.


Silent and without duct system

The Air 70 is remarkably quiet while operating at full power. Indeed, it is one of the most silent decentral ventilation appliance on the market. Since it does not require a duct system, the Air 70 is easily incorporated in an exterior wall. That makes the appliance ­particularly suitable for apartments or dwellings where installation of an extensive duct system is a problem. Or for that one special room which has no proper ventilation provision. Only the hood with its modern and unobtrusive design is visible, which makes the Air 70 fit in any interior.


Small size, great power

The capacity of the Air 70 is a con­siderable 70 m³ per hour, while the diameter of the exterior wall duct is only 250 mm. On top of that, a unique feature of this ventilation unit is the option to completely ­automatically bypass (100 %) the heat exchanger. These characteristics make the Air 70 the most complete and compact decentral ventilation unit in the market.


Brink Climate Systems ISH 2015 ▶ 11.1 C29


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