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Germany's 'homing' trend

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Our tendency to make our own homes increasingly the centre of our social lives (a lifestyle the Germans call ‚homing‘) leads us to attach ever greater importance to things like cooking, entertaining and interior design. The combined effect of homing, the home office and home schooling has been that demand for things like cooking implements and appliances and tableware is soaring, according to new study by Marketmedia24 entitled Branchen-REPORT GPK/Haushaltswaren 2028 (Industry REPORT GPC/Household Goods 2028).

Already during the earlier trend towards ’snackification‘ – the tendency to rely for our nourishment upon multiple smaller meals, often on the go, rather than the traditional triad of breakfast, lunch and supper – German consumers came increasingly to value healthy, fresh and home-cooked food. Corresponding wishes and ideas are now being put into practice in many home kitchens, a fact reflected in the demand for products in the dining, cooking and decorating sectors. The home office and home schooling are also changing eating trends and rhythms. Industry insiders are convinced that as we spend more and more time working from home and spend more and more time within our own four walls – even in the absence of compulsory lockdowns – the more we are bound to spend on things like furnishings and household appliances.

Using as a basis reliable facts and figures for all product groups and all sales channels, Marketmedia24’s team of researchers describe three possible developments we might expect to see between now and the year 2028.

>> Branchen-REPORT GPK/Haushaltswaren 2028  (in German only)

Source: Press release Marketmedia24. Cover picture: Marketmedia24


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